Diversity Performance Indicators – Individuals with ThisAbilities

Currently 6.4% of BEACON participants self-reported as having a disability, which exceeds the National Norms (3.3%) by 93.9%. By demonstrating a commitment to being inclusive and establishing a welcoming consortium, undergraduates have increased to 7.1%, which is a 51% increase over the National Norm (4.7%); graduates has increased to 8.2%, which is an 43.8% increase over the National Norm (5.7%), post-docs (where National Norm data is unavailable) maintained at the 2016 level of 2%, and faculty (2.7%) are equal to the National Norm (2.7%).

BEACON’s Disability Action Plan activities are establishing best-practice activities and tools for increased adaptive learning and research/lab strategies that enrich learning environments inclusive of all participants.

BEACON’s ongoing challenge is to reassure individuals with disabilities that reporting their status will not result in any vulnerability and/or biases against them.

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