BEACON Research

BEACON makes its research projects and results available to the General Public in about 300 BEACON blog posts!

BEACON publishes a new blog post about its ongoing research at least once per week, right on its home page, trying to make it readable by people with basic scientific literacy.  Simply going to will show you the most recent posts and allow you to progress backward chronologically as far as you like, through over 300 individual posts.  BUT if you are looking for something in particular, you can just search all of the blog posts by typing in keywords in the SEARCH field just below.  That will fetch for you all the posts containing your search keywords.  Simply click “Continue Reading” in the posts you are interested in to see the entire article.  Many of these blog posts also contain citations of related articles in the scientific literature.

Enter your keywords here, then hit “Search”:

Published Scientific Results

BEACON researchers have been collaborating for more than seven years, producing about 1,100 articles so far in journals, papers in refereed conferences, book chapters, and other publications as of July, 2017.  Of course, if you are searching for articles about a particular topic, you probably already use Google Scholar and type in your keywords, and you don’t care whether the articles came from BEACON researchers or from somewhere else.  BUT IF you do want to find articles with your keywords written by BEACON researchers, the procedure is given below.

The most effective tool for finding BEACON publications related to a particular topic is Google Scholar, Finding only articles associated with BEACON can be done by using an appropriate search template:

  1. click on the “articles” button, and unclick the “include patents” checkbox.
  2. Click on the search type-in box to get the Advanced Scholar Search display below
  3. Fill in fields to identify BEACON research as follows:
  4. Fill in the search keys you are looking for articles about (any keywords, authors, journal, etc.):
  5. Hit the search button (magnifying glass).
  6. This should return to you most publications arising from BEACON-sponsored research or other research by BEACON authors arising from it (searching without additional criteria fetches over 1,000 articles). Many will allow you to read the abstract or download the full .pdf article, depending on the policies of the journal/conference and on the access provided by your institution’s on-line library subscriptions.


Summary Reports of ALL BEACON-sponsored Seed Research Projects

A 1-paragraph description of each BEACON-funded seed research project is available chronologically in the BEACON Reports area on the lower right side of BEACON’s home page, and given below for your convenience. All projects funded in a particular year are described in its corresponding BEACON 201X Annual Report link. The project descriptions are written to be accessible to non-specialists who are generally knowledgeable about evolution, biology or scientific computation. These reports also include all other information that BEACON must annually report to the National Science Foundation. Finding a particular project may be done by typing keywords into the “Find” facility of Acrobat Reader, is available in your browser when viewing a .pdf document. If you don’t know when the project was done, many projects can be easily located by searching for a blog post on the BEACON home page (which covers all years), then zeroing in on the project in the Annual Report of the year of the blog post.


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